General pastoral functions of ministering to the military community in a diverse and pluralistic environment and surveys some of the special situations that the military chaplain is likely to encounter, including deployment, reintegration, relationships, loss, and spiritual injuries of returning service members
War leaves invisible wounds upon the mind and the soul of our combat veterans. Here we'll explore the impact of such wounds on the lives of veterans, including an increased risk of suicide. And we'll discuss ways of intervening with these invisible wounded in both mundane fashion and through using methods more in tune with Pagan beliefs. The course will consist of a weekly group Skype session and individual work between sessions.
Examine the physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of grief, trauma and loss experienced by both combatants and non-combatants during times of war. Models of recovery and reintegration into society will also be explored.
The challenging role of the military chaplain to both provide for the spiritual needs of all under his or her pastoral care and supervision and at the same time preserve and protect the Constitutional guarantees of the First Amendment.
This course introduces the student to the Military Chaplaincies, and highlights the unique roll that the chaplain fills within the Armed Forces. This mission, duties and responsibilities of the chaplain will covered in detail. The Department of Defense Instructions and the regulations covering Chaplain Activities for each service will be introduced and surveyed.