This course will examine the wisdom poems of the Havamal and explore them in terms of virtue, ethics and the lived life of a modern Heathen or Pagan. 

This course explores the Male Mysteries as they are celebrated within Pagan ritual, how they fit into the larger Pagan framework of our modern spiritual practices, as well as their role within Modern Paganism. 

Some choose the role of leader and some are catapulted there through crisis, while some of us find ourselves in a leadership position without really knowing how or why we got there—only that we want to do the best job we can. Regardless of our entry point, the “new story” in conscious leadership rejects the old, top-down model of command and control. Instead it embraces qualities of personal integrity and authenticity, transparency, flexibility, and the ability to help develop leadership potential in others. The conscious leader’s willingness to validate and incorporate the ideas and suggestions of all members of a group or organization ensures its members’ enthusiastic support and commitment to bringing spirit into action to transform community.

This course examines outreach to imprisoned Pagans from the perspectives of ministry, advocacy and leadership in order to gain a better understanding of the unique needs of Pagans inmates and what Pagan ministers wishing to address those needs should know.